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Fuzion Z9

Smart Traffic Controller


All in one signal control with

AC drivers & integrated CMU


The Fuzion Z9 is a fully integrated traffic controller,including 24
AC signal outputs with a fully integrated CMU (conflict monitor
unit) with 16 traditional detector inputs and RS485 sensor inputs.

The highly integrated design comes equipped with Ethernet
ports, WiFi and LTE for network communications, along with four
USB for expansion and interfacing. Additionally it supports DSRC
for connected vehicle applications.

Capable of operating as a fully solar powered traffic signal.

Functional Specifications

  • Load switch circuits: 24 AC 4A circuits (expandable via USB)
  • Radar/Video channels: Four RS485 isolated serial channels
  • Power monitor: Supply current and voltage monitoring
  • Time source: Integrated GPS or network NTP
  • Packet communications: Two ethernet, WiFi and LTE cellular
  • Interfaces: Four USB and Bluetooth
  • Connected vehicles: 23dBm 802.11p DSRC Transceiver
  • Display: 7″ Capacitive color touch screen

Integrated Learning Conflict Monitor

All circuits are driven by a dedicated output processor with built-in flash transfer relays for red flashing fault.

Conflict is triggered by:
• Green / yellow phase conflict
• Short green, yellow or red
• Line voltage differs from output request
• Low or high supply voltage or frequency of supply voltage
• Thermal overload on load switches or too high of current draw

Conflict is reset on local/remote request or optionally if auto mode and conflict is cleared for a minimum duration and retries.

Capable of learning the conflict matrix by observing the operation of the traffic signal configuration before being deployed.

Environmental Specifications

Full support for NEMA cabinets and monitors (disabling internal CMU) Single cable connection to eight card traditional detector rack Battery powered capable with solar or other charging
Power Requirements
Fully fused (8A) AC @ 50/60Hz with 500ms brown-out carryover Operating Temperature Range
-37C to +74C
9″ wide, 7″ high and 2″ deep

Fuzion Firmware Features

Total of 24 phases
8 Vehicle phases with 8 Pedestrian paths and 8 Bike paths
8 Overlap phases (vehicle or ped)
8 Dynamic X-phases for use with transit priority
*All phase outputs can be routed to any AC circuit
Service Plans
16 Service Plans
Selectable by System or Time of
Day Independent Phase Flags
Omits, Lag, Dual Entry
Coordinated, Hold and Walk Rest
Recalls for Ped, Minimum and Maximum
Vehicle Max Inhibit and Full Walk Split
64 Patterns
Max II specified per phase
Fixed or floating force offs
Selectable timing flag sets
Actuated coordinated operation
Coordinated conditional re-service
64 Detectors
Each Detector can be assigned to any
Phase(s) Phases can have more than one
Detector Any input can be used as a Detector
Detector Modes
Locking or non-locking
Call and Extend
Actuate on falling edge
Release (force off) a phase
on actuation System Detectors

Volume Counts with full data
logging Fault Detection
Constant Occupancy
Minimum Pulse Width
Erratic Fluctuations
Absence of Call
Check in / Check out Transit Priority
16 Preempt sequences
Two track clearance states, hold state and exit state
Selectable permitted phases for each preempt state
Recovery to coordination
Any input can be used to call a Preempt sequence
Multiple day schedules with a perpetual calendar, every holiday is only programmed once for all years.
Supported over Ethernet, WiFi and LTE cellular