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Test Equipment for Use with
SBC-2400 Traffic Controller

Allows SBC-2400 controller programming to be verified
before connection to actual intersection equipment

SBC-2400 traffic controller connected to HHT Hand-held SBC-2400 Traffic Controller Programming Unit, Input Simulator Box, and Signal Output Test Display.

1. Input Simulator Box

Provides 13 switches to simulates 8 signal group detector inputs, time reset, manual control, external synchronization, and conflict monitor flash. Its use allows an SBC-2400 Controller to be exercised for proper programming, with no need to connected to an actual intersection. This unit is recommended for purchase with the HHT Programming Unit.


2. Signal Output Test Display

Shows the signal outputs of SBC-2400 controller as programmed. This Display consists of 8 Signal Groups, each with Green, Yellow and Red LEDs. The unit can be powered by a 9V battery or by a 12 VDC power supply, and in turn powers the SBC-2400 controller under test. It is recommended for purchase with the HHT Programming Unit.

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