SBC-2400 System Traffic Cabinets

Compact, pole-mountable, and rain proof to NEMA-3 (IP-64).


Many international customers will procure their own traffic cabinets locally to save on hardware and shipping costs. However, Zwiesler Resources is prepared to source complete, ready-to-run traffic cabinets with all hardware and software to control signalized intersections.

For the basic hardware, a 30 x 30 x 30 cm traffic cabinet may be adequate. Such a compact cabinet can be pole mounted and is suitable for narrow streets. Traffic cabinet size requirements will depend on the number of detectors, modems and other traffic control equipment that may be used in the intersection.

The cabinet will need an AC (or DC) voltage source controlled by a circuit breaker, plus a provision for grounding. A surge suppressor is recommended. The signal field wires can be terminated directly on the power boards, unless there is a requirement that they first be terminated on separate terminal blocks.

The cabinet should be ventilated and be rain-proof to NEMA-3 (IP-64).

Traffic cabinet with SBC-2400 controller & Trafictec SCC Power Board