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SBC-2400 Traffic Controller CPU

Cost-effective Single-Board Controller (SBC) running TRIP or Wapiti W4IKS/SBC software

Key Features


  • Highly cost-effective single-board design
  • Small enough to fit in a pole-mounted traffic cabinet
  • Runs TRIP or Wapiti W4IKS/SBC software
  • Up to 24 signal outputs
  • 8 detector inputs
  • 8 vehicle signal groups / phases
  • All signal groups / phase outputs assignable
  • Fully actuated
  • Time-of-day (TOD) coordination
  • Police manual control
  • Powered by 12 VDC

SBC-2400 Traffic Controller CPU



The SBC-2400 Traffic Controller CPU is designed to meet traffic industry needs for a single-board traffic controller that can be interfaced to an adjacent power driver board. It is based on the Type 170 controller concept and provides the same durability, ruggedness and dependability as the more than 80,000 Type 170 controllers used in the US and many foreign countries. It uses the Motorola 68HC11 processor as the 170E. It is a single board design, does not come with a housing, and shares the same power supply as other components in the traffic cabinet.

The SBC-2400 Traffic Controller CPU is capable of handling 12 or 24 signal outputs by connecting to 1 or 2 SSC power driver / load switch boards, each with 12 traffic lamp outputs. An SBC-2400 CPU with 1 power driver board will handle 12 traffic lamps. An SBC-2400 CPU with 2 power driver boards will handle up to 24 traffic lamps, or 24 combinations of traffic lamps and pedestrian signals.

SBC-2400 Traffic Controller CPU Assembly

SBC-2400 Traffic Control Assembly with SBC-2400 CPU Board (top), two SSC Power Driver Boards (below) to handle up 24 signal heads.

Eight programmable detector inputs are available, as is police manual control. A plug-connected 6-channel green conflict monitor (CMU) is an available option.

Because of the small physical size of the complete electronics, the controller CPU and power driver board / load switch assembly can be housed in a small-pole mounted cabinet with enough room to accommodate detectors. The SBC-2400, load switch boards, and recommended conflict monitor unit operate on 12 VDC, which can be supplied by the same off-the-shelf 12 VDC switching power supply or by solar panels.

Easy to Maintain


The SBC-2400 CPU Board is attached by hinges to provide access to the terminal blocks, fuses and LED indicators of the 1 or 2 SSC Power Driver Board(s) below. An SBC-2400 Traffic Control Assembly with an SBC-2400 CPU Board and a single SSC Power Driver Board, as illustrated, will handle up 12 signal heads.

The SBC-2400 CPU Board uses standard off-the-shelf through-hole parts for easy maintenance and repair should it be become necessary. All inputs are ground-true logic and are brought in through an industry standard DB15S connector. There are 8 vehicle detector inputs plus 5 control inputs. The 24 outputs are divided equally between two 20-pin box headers. The headers also bring +12V into the cabinet to power the logic.

SBC-2400 CPU Board

The main processor is a Motorola HC11 microcontroller and is socketed for easy replacement. The traffic program resides in an EPROM. User parameters are stored in non-volatile RAM. Both the EPROM and RAM are socketed for easy replacement. The SBC user interface is by a terminal connected to the terminal port a DB9S. The terminal port can also be used to connect to a modem for remote access. The SBC board comes with Flash and Stop-Time switches mounted on the board for easy access by a field technician.

SBC Software

The SBC-2400 Traffic Controller was developed with the following goals in mind:

  • Low cost with reliable and robust hardware
  • Small size
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Multifunction software with easy programming in multiple languages
  • Low power consumption for solar operation
  • Powerful enough to handle most intersection requirements
  • GPS input for traffic preemption

The SBC-2400 controller CPU is normally programmed using TRIP software (Traffic Responsive Interval Program). In addition, Wapiti Microsystems, a well-known developer of controller software in the USA, has modified a version of its W4IKS Program (developed for 170 controllers) to work with the SBC-2400. This gives the SBC-2400 controller the ability to work with the Wapiti central system.

SBC-2400 Traffic Controller CPU Product Specs

Board dimensions21.3 x 16.5 cm (8-5/8" x 6-1/2")
Working temperature-20°C to +75°C
Input voltage9-30 VDC
Logic voltage+5 VDC via an on-board converter
ProcessorMotorola MC68HC11F1CFNE3 (12 MHz, 8-bit)
Crystal frequency4.915200 MHz
EPROM27C256 (32K bytes)
RAMNon-volatile RAM 32K bytes with built in RTC
Inputs8 Vehicle Inputs (pulled up to 5V)
5 Control Inputs (pulled up to 5V)
1 Conflict Monitor Unit (CMU)
2 Fuse Monitor (from power driver board)
3 Manual Enable
4 Manual Control
5 Coordination Sync
Outputs24 (ground true, sink 50 mA)
Toggle switches2 (for Flash and Stop Time)
Terminal interfaceRS232 levels. RX, TX, RTS, CTS, and one 5V logic input.
Watchdog monitorBuilt-in. Puts signals in Red flash if CPU stops.

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