Model 2070-1A+ 2070E CPU with ATC Engine

Adaptive Traffic Signal Control with Fully Integrated UTOPIA Operation


The ATC+ firmware is designed to run on the ATC core engine board which is available for a variety of 2070 models, including the Model 2070C and Model 2070E configurations. Full support for UTOPIA is available on all platforms using The native SPOT protocol which allows UTOPIA to manage and supervisor the operation of the traffic signal using the Dual Ring Eight phase operational metaphor with green adaptive control.

Specifications – Utopia & SPOT


Serial Interface via C2
Configurable data rates and addresses
Natively support the SPOT protocol for UTOPIA

SPOT Command Operation

Respond independently to Service Plan requests
Implement safety intervals and notify if violations occur
Inhibit direct detector actuations and call system phases
Skip phases as required by Utopia
Update the controller time from Utopia commands

SPOT Status and Response

Update with all current detector calls
Update with all phase status and overlaps
Full detector fault detection including constant occupancy

ATC Core CPU Engine Board Specifications

Engine Board

200MHz Vortex x86 (Intel) CPU
256MB RAM, 128MB Flash
Six Serial Ports
Ethernet Port
USB Port
Realtime Clock with SuperCap with 7 day power reserve

Operating Temperature Range
-37C to +74C

Model 2070E Specifications

Serial Interfaces

C2 – System Interface
C20 – GPS Time Clock or Spare RS232C Interface
C30 – Conflict Monitor Interface or Spare RS232C Interface
C40 – Laptop Interface, upload, download and firmware update
C60 – Front Panel

Front Panel

Laptop (or PDA) interface, LCD, Keypad and status LED


2070E 19″ wide, 7″ high and 12″ deep

ATC+ Firmware Features


Total of 16 phases

8 Vehicle phases with 4 Pedestrian phases
4 Overlap phases (vehicle or ped)

All phase outputs can be routed to any load switch

Service Plans

8 Service Plans
Selectable by Utopia or Time of Day
Independent Phase Flags

Lag, Dual Entry
Coordinated, Hold and Walk Rest
Recalls for Ped, Minimum and Maximum Vehicle
Max Inhibit and Full Walk Split


15 Patterns

Max II specified per phase

Fixed or floating force offs
Selectable timing flag sets
Actuated coordinated operation
Coordinated condition re-service


32 Detectors

Each Detector can be assigned to any Phase(s)
Phases can have more than one Detector
Any input can be used as a Detector

Detector Modes

Locking or non-locking
Call and Extend
Actuate on falling edge
Release (force off) a phase on actuation

UTOPIA System Detectors

Volume Counts
Fault Detection

Constant Occupancy
Minimum Pulse Width
Erratic Fluctuations
Absence of Call



Six Preempt sequences

Two track clearance states, hold state and exit state
Selectable permitted phases for each preempt state

Recovery to coordination
Any input can be used to call a Preempt sequence


Multiple day schedules with a perpetual calendar, every
holiday is only programmed once for all years.