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Key Personnel

Peter Kohl, President, founded Zwiesler Resources, Inc. (ZRI) in 2006 as global resource of innovative and cost-effective traffic control equipment. ZRI works closely with companies that develop hardware and software for intersection traffic control and related applications.

Mr. Kohl has been active in the traffic control industry since 1966, and has served in corporate management positions including sales, marketing, new business development, and new product development. He has traveled extensively internationally, providing him with a first-hand understanding of international traffic control requirements. His extensive knowledge includes:

  • Intersection timing and control.
  • Traffic cabinet design & wiring.
  • Traffic controller standards.
  • NTCIP standards.
  • Traffic signal standards and hardware.
  • Traffic hardware testing and quality control.
  • Application of solar power to traffic control.
  • Interconnect/modem technology.
  • Traffic coordination.
  • Central traffic control systems.
  • Traffic preemption systems for emergency vehicles.
  • Traffic priority systems for transit vehicles.
  • Making intersection controller hardware operational.
  • Troubleshooting malfunctioning traffic hardware & systems.
  • Reduction of legal liability associated with traffic control.

Cost-Effective Traffic Control Solutions for International Markets

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