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Zwiesler Resources, Inc. (ZRI) is dedicated to making state-of-the-art, electronic traffic control available globally at affordable prices. Our sales focus is international and export oriented. We are experts in solar powered traffic control systems

Solar Power for Intersection Control

Solar Power has been used for many years in the traffic control industry because it is a readily available form of free energy; however, its application has been limited mainly to flashers, warning signs and regulatory signs.

Traffic Control Products

Zwiesler Resources, Inc. product philosophy is to provide the most cost-effective, state-of-the-art traffic control hardware and software even if this means deviating from certain US standards, which often do not apply directly in the international market.


ZRI is your source of all components for traffic control, including of detection equipment, conflict monitors, traffic controller software, communications, central system software, solar power components, traffic cabinets, LED traffic signals, & more.

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Who we are

Peter Kohl, President, founded Zwiesler Resources, Inc. (ZRI) in 2006 as global resource of innovative and cost-effective traffic control equipment. ZRI works closely with companies that develop hardware and software for intersection traffic control and related applications.