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SBC-2400 Traffic Control System

Cost-effective traffic control system based on a
single-board controller (SBC) running TRIP software

SBC-2400 Traffic Control Assembly with SBC-2400 CPU Board (top) and two SSC Power Driver Boards (bottom) to handle up 24 signal heads. Complete traffic cabinets are available from Zwiesler Resources, Inc.

Key Features

  • Small enough to fit in a 30 x 30 x 30 cm pole-mounted traffic cabinet

  • Utilizes existing 170 software

  • Up to 24 signal outputs

  • 8 detector inputs

  • 8 vehicle signal groups / phases

  • All signal groups / phase outputs assignable

  • Fully actuated

  • Time-of-day (TOD) coordination

  • Police manual control

  • Powered by off-the-shelf 12 or 24 VDC


The SBC-2400 Traffic Control System is based single-board controller (SBC) running TRIP software. Designed for export, it is low in cost and small enough to fit in a 30 x 30 x 30 cm traffic cabinet. It is based on the single-board SBC-2400 Controller CPU and 1 or 2 SSC Power Boards to control 12 or 24 signal outputs. The CPU board is hinged to provide access to detachable screw terminals and to LED indicator lights on the SSC boards. The SBC-2400 Controller CPU board accommodates 8 vehicle detector inputs plus 5 control inputs. The maximum of 24 SSC Board outputs are divided equally between two 20-pin box headers, which also bring +12 VDC into the cabinet to power the logic.

The processor of theSBC-2400 Controller is a Motorola HC11 microcontroller, which is socketed for easy replacement. This processor is capable of running all 170 traffic control software. The traffic program resides in an EPROM. User parameters are stored in non-volatile RAM. Both the EPROM and RAM are socketed for easy replacement. The SBC board comes with Flash and Stop-Time switches mounted on the board for easy access by a field technician.

TRIP software (Traffic Responsive Interval Program) is normally used to program the SBC-2400 controller CPU. This traffic control software provides 8 signal groups, which can be programmed as vehicle or pedestrian movements, plus time-of-day (TOD) coordination and intersection flash. The controller is fully actuated.

Wapiti Microsystems, a well-known developer of controller software in the USA, has modified a version of its W4IKS Program (developed for 170 controllers) to work with the SBC-2400. This alternative software gives the SBC-2400 controller the ability to work with the Wapiti central system.

SBC-2400 Traffic Control Assembly with SBC-2400 CPU Board (top) and one SSC Power Driver Boards (bottom) to handle up 12 signal heads. The CPU board is hinged for easy access to the Power Board at the bottom.

More Information

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